Public Programme

Thursday 22 November, 6–9pm
The Private View will feature live works, performances and social gestures
Abbas Zahedi, The Boulevard
Alaa Kassim, Mother Other
Samboleap Tol, The Babylonians
Paprika Collective, INFLUX, REFLUX, EXFLUX

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Friday 23 November, 2–6pm
I-M Jerome and Jannat Hussain, Red Through Red, 2–3pm
Yemi Alade, Unity, 5–6pm

Saturday 24 November, 2–4pm
Panel Discussion: Of Other Futures:
Artist Abbas Zahedi will host Of Other Futures, a panel discussion exploring the potentiality of otherness within the scope of contemporary art practice. Zahedi will be joined by curators Paul Goodwin, Annie Jael Kwan and Cédric Fauq.

The talk follows the format of a menu and encompasses the conceptual coherence of ‘otherness’, opacity and authorship in curating, the unfixed archive and identity. Our speakers are also responding to writings from figures including Michel Foucault, Édouard Glissant, Donna Haraway and Hannah Arendt.

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Handout – Of Other Futures – Panel

Tuesday 27 November, 1–3pm
Performance: Alaa Kassim, Mother Other

Wednesday 28 November, 2–4pm
Talk: Distributed Spaces 04: On the Move Part 2
Central Saint Martins academics Liz Wright and Anthony Davies have invited educationalists and activists Sheyla Maria Alves de Melo and Priscila Mastro to talk about the “New Babylon” of the  favelas and occupied housing struggle in Brazil. Wright and Davies will reflect on their work with Melo, Mastro and others in São Paulo as part of the Distributed Spaces model. They will focus on the efficacy of offline communications in supporting community led self-representation and struggles of resistance.

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Friday 30 November, 1–3pm
Performance: Alaa Kassim, Mother Other

Tuesday 4 December, 1–5pm
Performance: Alaa Kassim, Mother Other, 1–3pm
Workshop: Raju Rage, From other to another, 1-5pm
In this workshop, artist Raju Rage will invite participants to devise a performance or artwork using the concept of the body as a living archive. This workshop is free to attend and open to all.

Wednesday 5 December, 7–8.30pm
Talk: Cédric Fauq, Curating for the Age of Blackness
In this talk, Cédric Fauq delineates the historical relationship between blackness and exhibitions to better unlock their common potentials. The ambition is to instigate new thought around exhibition-making as “in and through” blackness rather than about it.

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Friday 7 December, 1–3pm
Performance: Alaa Kassim, Mother Other

Tuesday 11 December, 1–3pm
Performance: Alaa Kassim, Mother Other

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